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Photo Gallery

We use deer repellent to keep all ages of deer away from your garden.  This little one is moving away after a good sniff.

 With a challenge like animals nesting in your home or on your property, we like to use relocation as an option.  We took this owl’s next far away from a client’s home.

This racoon was found in a client’s chimney.  We relocated him far away.

Hornets nests can happen anywhere.

This red squirrel was inside a client’s home. Caught this guy while wearing heavy gloves

Needless to say, we relocated him.

These Box Elder Beetles, also known as Maple Bug, were found in a house foundation.

Here’s a mother of a family of rare albino red squirrels.  Relocated.

While cute, red squirrels can be very destructive.  Here’s one of the babies we relocated.

Bed bugs

 Roach eggs and droppings behind a fridge

 Live Roaches

Bed bugs