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Stinging Insects Removal Services

About Stinging Insects

What are Stinging Insects?

Controlling these pests begins with an accurate identification. Stinging insects refers to bees, hornets and wasps.

While a sting may hurt they may cause more serious health concerns such as swelling, infection and nausea. Your extermination professional will locate their nests and remove any breeding locations. He will identify conditions that invite these insects to your home and prevent them from returning.

Honey bees are a protected species and are very beneficial to our farms because they help pollinate our crops. In the last few years there has been a sharp decline in their population world wide, which raises concern for farmers world wide Honey bees colonies that are in the process of relocating will look very intimidating as they settle for a rest stop. It is highly recommended that people should not approach as they can be a little more aggressive without an established hive. But the good news is they will usually move on in a day or two. THERE IS NO REASON TO APPLY OR TREAT WITH ANY CHEMICAL unless they have invaded your home

How to get rid of Wasps, Bees, And Hornets

Get professional help for wasps, bees, and, hornets nest removal when they have entered a crack in your residential structure.


Wasps and bees that can not be seen because they have entered a  crack in the wall or void should be treated by injecting an insecticide dust. It is not recommend aerosols be used in these cases, because if the nest is not directly contacted with the chemical the insects may try to move away from the chemical and in some cases flood into your house or find a different way out of the nest site. In this case it is best to contact a professional for help.


Nests that are visible can usually be treated quite easily with insecticide spray designed to spray 10 to 14 feet. for the home owner it recommended to attempt this at night when the insects are less likely to be flying. This is safest option for thos will to attempt this type of job. A call to AAA Plus Exterminations will usually result in the nest being removed quickly without you taking a nasty sting or two.


Unfortunately there is very little that can be done if no nests are found near by other than setting up traps away from where you intend to be dinning. This is because the wasps and hornets have a great sense of smell and will travel long distances in search of food. The wasps that come to enjoy your picnic may be coming from multiple nests in your neighborhood.