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Spider Control Services

About Spiders

What are Spiders?

Spiders vary greatly in size and colour. They may range in length from 1/50th of an inch (0.5 mm) to 3 ½ inches (9 cm) and most are black, gray or brown.

Spiders vary greatly in their habits. Some prefer moisture and are found in basements and crawl spaces while others prefer dry, warm spaces and can be found in air vents and upper corners of rooms and attics. They feed on insects and other spiders. Spiders are arachnids, not insects. Spiders don’t bite people very often and if they do most are not poisonous to humans and will only leave a small itchy spot

How to get rid of Spiders?

Getting rid of spiders can be a daunting task to complete on your own. AAA Plus  extermination is trained to remove house spiders, cellar spiders, wolf spiders, brown recluse spiders, and any other eight-legged creatures crawling around your home. this is usually done through chemical treatments with various insecticide sprays.