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Raccoon Removal Services

About Raccoons

What are Raccoons?

Raccoons are highly intelligent animals, we have had some challenging times , dealing with these animals. Female raccoons will often commune together at feeding locations or for sleeping while male raccoons are more solitary.  A raccoon’s habitat has become urban yet they stay close to trees and buildings as they find safety in climbing.  They take up residence in abandoned buildings, attics, and woodland areas and sometimes inside occupied homes.  Though raccoons will eat insects, amphibians, fish, berries, fruit, nuts, and smaller mammals, raccoons are also foragers, loving human garbage. Living alongside humans yields bigger food stores.  They are one of the most recognizable and destructive animals in all of Canada.These masked bandits may look cute, but be very cautious they can be very aggressive and are know to carry rabbis which can be transmitted through a bite or through contact with their feces.

How to get rid of Raccoons?

When raccoons nest or have babies in your home, there are certain steps we take to ensure we can remove them humanely and also that mother raccoon is able to relocate baby raccoons safely.

Our technicians will enter your attic or chimney with a cloth bag and search for the nest (raccoon babies are quite noisy). Once the nest has been discovered, it is imperative to promptly remove the babies and place carefully into cloth bag and remove from your attic. The adult would be trapped with the use of a humane live animal trap.

Once we are certain that there is no further raccoons we can at that point seal off the entry point.