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Mouse Control & Rodent Removal Services

About Rodents

What are Rodents?

The rodent family includes mice, voles, and rats. They are warm-blooded mammals with oversized front teeth for gnawing and check teeth for chewing.

Like other pests, rodents will invade your home looking for food, water and warmth. Rodents will chew on a variety of things and cause significant damage in and around homes. They tend to be rapid breeders and, because of their body type, they can squeeze through holes that appear to be too small for them. They will consume and contaminate food while having the ability to transmit a number of diseases and carry parasites such as ticks and fleas.

How to get rid of Rodents?

To properly control mice inside and outside of structures there are many different types of traps, and baits that may be used by the home owner or the professional. These products MUST all be used in a very cautious manner as not to hurt non target wildlife, pets, or children.

When trying to control rodents in side structures a detailed inspection must be done to locate the areas where they are entering the building from and correcting these problems. Next would be setting up baits or traps in areas where the rodents or living or moving. areas such as attics, crawlspaces, drop ceilings, and wall voids are great places for rodents to hide, and should not be over looked.

When dealing with rodents outside even greater caution must be used. Everything with traps and baits should and must be placed into approved containers that will only allow the target animal access to the trap or baits.