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Pest Control Services | Birds

About Birds

What are Birds?

While birds are quite beautiful to admire from afar, once they get too close for comfort, they impose risks and threats on you and your family. AAA Plus Exterminations is determined to maintain a balance when it comes to distance between birds and your home.
With harmful habits that cause damage to your home, such as droppings, feathers, diseases and parasites, birds should be removed from your business or residency immediately. They impose great annoyances upon home and business owners. AAA Plus Exterminations is dedicated to coming to your aid and removing you of the dangers in an ecologically safe manner.

All birds are classified as members of the Kindom Animalia, Phylum Chordata and Class Aves. While this may seem to be an arbitrary, artificial classification, this general grouping emphasizes that birds are related in the other characteristics they share, including: Vertebrates, Feathers, Wings, Bill and more.

Many other animals share some characteristics with birds, but only birds represent all the features above to belong to the Class Aves. At the same time, all birds are different, and through the 150 million years of evolution since the Mesozoic Era when birds first evolved from reptiles, small differences have created the roughly 10,000 bird species we enjoy today

How to get rid of Birds?

Birds can be controlled in many different methods. But it is very important to know the species of bird that is being problem.Many birds such as wood peckers, owls, hawks, geese, and seagulls are protected under the “Migratory Bird Act”. these birds require permits from Conservation Canada.

Non Protected species can be controlled though various methods including screening or exclusion, bird spikes, noise emitters, or visual deterrent devises. an inspection would be required to determine the most effective plan of action.

Products are also available for the do it your selfer at our store.